Tuesday, November 12, 2019

3 Simple Stylish Light Fixtures For Children's Bedrooms!

When it comes to lighting, well it's everything isn't it? I remember having dim, expensive incandescent lights in my bedroom, you know the ones that were basically as hot as the sun, and you'd use an old t-shirt to UN twist them?

 Yea.... Those days are over and we're bringing sexy back! These lights are awesome, aren't they?
Farmhouse style design, bedroom light fixtures.

I don't have kids yet, but after seeing these I may just have me a couple.

I kid I kid, no pun intended, but these lights are to die for! What little kid wouldn't want these in their bedroom?
 I'll wait until you find one...

That's what I thought!  If you'd like more info on these you can find them below! Love you all!
Amazing farmhouse style lights
Hexagon Flush Light Colorful Macaroon Acrylic Led Lights!

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